West Petaluma Hills

What is a wildlife corridor?

The Vision:

​​​​To designate properties as permanent conserved open space with appropriate, managed public access and trails, so the community can enjoy our special natural resources and our flora and  fauna can thrive. 

• Be a model for the balance of community enjoyment of nature  and protection of woodland and grassland habitat

• Maintain and enhance native habitat and the wildlife corridor

• Develop conservation education for youth to strengthen appreciation of  these special natural resources

• Preserve scenic vistas of the West Petaluma Hills and valley

• Maintain water conservation and groundwater recharge  areas

• Prevent urban sprawl by maintaining a greenbelt

Wildlife Corridor Coalition

A wildlife corridor is a natural open space allowing  animal movement and foraging, and bird migration. The woodlands are important habitat for bird nesting.  Bobcat, coyote, fox, deer and California Red-Legged Frog find refuge here.