West Petaluma Hills

Where are the

West Petaluma Hills:

Without preserving the remaining open lands in the West Petaluma Hills, this important connecting wildlife corridor will be lost.   Our ability to enjoy the vistas and nature connection so close to our community  will no longer be

Wildlife Corridor Coalition

Four parcels in the heart of the West Petaluma Hills if not conserved, have the potential for development. The parcels are between Western Ave and D St Ext,,  and are central in the West Hills Wildlife Corridor. Familiar land names are La Cresta Ridge and Ravine and the Kelly Creek property.  Towards the west, Helen Putnam Regional Park borders the wildlife corridor.  

This is an overview of Petaluma.  The W.P.H. land is  between Bodega Ave and D St. Ext., and east of Windsor Dr,  near Helen Putnam Park.