What is a wildlife corridor?

The Collective Vision:

Wildlife Corridor Coalition

A wildlife corridor is a natural open space allowing  animal movement and foraging, and bird migration. The woodlands are important habitat for bird nesting.  Bobcat, coyote, fox, deer and California Red-Legged Frog find refuge here.  Mountain lion and American badger also may rarely move through this wildlife corridor.

This open space has connectivity  to the Pt Reyes National seashore to the south, and to the northwest the Sonoma Coast. Northeast  toward Penngrove and Cotati towards the Sonoma Mountains.  

West Petaluma Hills

​​​​To designate properties as permanent conserved open space with appropriate, managed public access and trails, so the community can enjoy our special natural resources and our flora and  fauna can thrive. 

• Be a model for the balance of community enjoyment of nature  and protection of woodland and grassland habitat

• Maintain and enhance native habitat and the wildlife corridor

• Develop conservation education for youth to strengthen appreciation of  these special natural resources

• Preserve scenic vistas of the Petaluma west hills and valley

• Maintain water conservation and groundwater recharge  areas

• Prevent urban sprawl by maintaining a greenbelt